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We don't have prefabricated solutions - we have the processes with which you can develop solutions


When you work with content consultants, you ask the questions and receive the answers.

The consultants provide the solution.

When you work with process consultants,  we ask the questions.

You provide the answers. 


Process consulting combines your existing knowledge with the systematic CYRAMID processes. The result is a solution which is supported and understood in the organisation.


The intellectual rigor required for the successful development and implementation of strategies for internationally renowned companies has led to requests from private equity houses and company owners, for finding suitable targets and for structuring sophisticated M&A processes.


Cyramid works with the major private equity companies worldwide, as well as with highly specialized M&A boutiques to meet our clients' various needs.


Triggered through forum participations and speeches adressing the topic "water, waste and secondary energy", Cyramid was approached by family offices and institutional investors in search of new, innovative asset classes. 


Cyramid's latest initiative aims at the substition of fossil-based food packaging with bio-based, biodegradable packaging solution. For further information, click here.

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