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From biomass to biodegradable packaging

A central concern of our and future generations is solid waste. More than 250 million tons of toxic plastics are produced around the globe every year. The food packaging industry accounts for the single largest share of the plastic consumption, posing a major threat to the global ecosystem and human health.


We have taken on the challenge to transform biological residues into green everyday products in a sustainable and equitable way. Our approach was to identify and bring together the necessary partners from the industry and academia capable to take on the challenge of revolutionising the plastic industry.


With our value chain approach, we push the innovation boundary beyond a fossil-based economy to biomass-based packaging products, non-conflicting with the food sector.


Cyramid initiated this holistic partnership, which covers processes from the breakdown of lignocellulosic biomass into its basic fractions, majorly sugar, to the production of polylactides (PLA) in an industrial scale biorefinery in Europe to supply the biodegradable packaging industry.


The EU estimates to raise €3.7 billion until 2020, to convert biological residues and wastes into greener products. The players of our partnership are leaders in the biorefinery industry, plastic granulate blending, packaging manufacturing sector as well as pioneers in the food sector.

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